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GIV creator's hub 创客中心

Our value, 我们的价值观

  • 我们将创新者和创造者聚集在一起,提出他们的想法,以便我们能够资助他们的项目并将其付诸实践。
  • 我们将众筹爱好者聚集在一起交流想法和经验,以便我们可以探索不同的策略并庆祝我们的活动。
  • 我们将有远见的人和伟大的思想家聚集在一起进行头脑风暴和合作,这样我们就可以突破可能的界限,对世界产生积极的影响。
  • 将众包和众筹相结合,GIVcoop 为创作者打造创新市场; 人们可以通过佣金赚取收入,并在创作者的经济中获得知识和尊重。

  • We bring together innovators and creators to pitch their ideas, so that we can fund and bring their projects to life.
  • We bring together crowdfunding enthusiasts to exchange ideas and experiences, so that we can explore different strategies and celebrate our campaigns.
  • We bring together visionaries and big thinkers to brainstorm and collaborate, so that we can push the boundaries of what's possible and make a positive impact on the world.
  • Combine crowdsourcing and crownfunding together, GIVcoop creates innovation marketplace for creators; people can make an income by commissions and earn knowledge and respect in the creator's economy.